Poke bowl

with sweet potatoes, sauté mushroom, baked cherry tomato, fresh avocado, sauté spinach & two poached eggs

Tri-colour quinoa

with peppers, tomato, cranberries & avocado

Beluga & quinoa bowl

Beluga lentils, tri-color quinoa, portobello mushroom, cherry tomatoes, peppers, almonds, spouts, turmeric, homemade vinaigrette.


Iceberg, green leafy vegetables, cherry tomato, chicken fillet, parmesan flakes tortilla chips, homemade caesar dressing. 


Peruvian potatoes, baked cauliflower, pea, valerian, homemade mayonnaise, almonds, kritamos, homemade beetroot rice puff, sprouts. 

jackfruit wrap 

Jackfruit, mayo crispy onion, tomato, iceberg, sprouts

Rice bowl 

Sweet potatoes, sauté mushrooms, pickled shimeji mushrooms, baked cherry tomato, avocado, sauté spinach, basil oil. Served with wholegrain bread.

Noodles bowl

Rice noodles, edamame, corn, guacamole, sriracha mayo, wakamem pickled beetroots. 

Grane bowl

Groats, Buckwheat, fresh kale, beetroot chickpea hummus, dill pickled cucumber, pecans, goji berries, tahini sauce.