Eggs & Sandwiches

Smoked salmon Benedict

Handmade muffins, cream cheese, fresh avocado, two poached eggs, topped with homemade velvet hollandaise sauce

Eggs Florentine

It is about a classic recipe from Florence with eggs and spinach.Handmade muffins, sauté spinach, two poached eggs, topped with homemade velvet hollandaise sauce.

Croque madame

A classic French dish, made with handmade whole grain bread, cheese, tomato, fouantre turkey, homemade béchamel sauce & topped with a poached egg.

Smashed avocado

Toasted handmade whole grain bread, avocado purée, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and two poached eggs.

Scrambled eggs with salmon

Traditional English breakfast. Eggs on whole grain bread with salmon & chives


Traditional Greek recipe. Eggs in pan with fresh tomato and feta cheese. Served with handmade toasted wholegrain bread.

White omelette with oat crust

Omelette with 4 fresh egg whites with fouantre turkey, anthotyro (traditional low fat cheese) & cherry tomato.

Served with homemade toasted wholegrain bread.

Chicken burrito

Flour tortilla wrapped into a sealed cylindrical shape around stuffed with cheddar cheese, chicken fillet, corn, cheery tomato & grilled vegetables.

Served with homemade sauce.

Hummus burrito

Handmade hummus, grilled vegetables, green flesh leaves, cherry tomatoes.

Club sandwich

Baked tramezzino bread with edam cheese, oven omelette, avocado, grilled chicken fillet, tomato & homemade yogurt sauce served with fresh salad.

Beetroot Hummus

Handmade wholegrain bread, avocado, carrot flakes chia seeds and walnuts